Quality & Originality


From its early beginnings in 2013, Lasso set out to provide high-quality products with original designs. Though not the first rope brand in the market, our love for knots and craftsmanship has led us to create new rope leashes & collars with designs & styles that had never been seen before.

The techniques we use have evolved with time. Through trial & error, observation and feedback from our customers and Ambassadors we have managed to create a truly elegant product.  This process has taken years and led to the development of our unique knots, which you can see in our Original designs. The most popular of these being The Cruiser, The Skipper & The Anchor Leash, among others.

At Lasso we are proud of our designs and feel it is important to distinguish them from the many brands that now try to simulate these signature looks. Our Original designs include The Cruiser, The Skipper, The Rig, The Polaris, The Rudder, The Anchor & The Buoy. Each innovative design is constantly tested for comfort, functionality & strength. It is only when we are completely satisfied with the results that we present them to our clients.

We carefully select the materials we work with to ensure that our collars and leashes are of the best quality available. Rope was chosen as the primary material for our products for its softness, lightness and, most importantly, strength & durability. Regardless of the pull force, it will virtually never break and will always remain soft and light to the touch.

Lastly, we pay much attention to detail. It is precisely those finishing touches that make the difference. For the fittings, we have chosen to only use solid brass. This metal is not just extremely strong, but also very resistant to corrosion and rust. Since we know how important it is to always rely on strong fittings for your dog accessories, we are committed to offering solely the best in quality.