Made in Puerto Rico


We are a small brand founded by three brothers back in 2013, working off our apartments in the small island of Puerto Rico. We now have our own little workshop in San Juan where we manage our store. Lasso as a brand is the culminating result of the love we have for our pets, the values of our upbringing and admiration of the sea. This all fueled our desire to create a unique, self sustainable and eco-friendly brand.

As a family business, we are constantly inspired by each others perspective and knowledge. Our father’s love for knots and his endless inventions have given us a lifelong example. This inherited passion for  creativity and craftsmanship has led us to create our unique line of comfortable, aesthetic and durable products.  

As a small business, we are highly devoted to our craft & to our customers, loving every step of the way since the beginning. With knotting but love for rope and the endless possibilities it presents, we are always open to new suggestions and ideas from our clients.