A Lasso for Lifetime


Like the bond you share with your pet, we want your Lasso to last FOREVER.

With A Lasso for Lifetime you can replace your old Lasso anytime and feel confident that you can always keep your Lassos looking good & new. As part of this new program, you can alter the original color combination to match the seasons, your favorite sporting event, or simply just for fun. With Lasso for Lifetime, all you have to do is ship your Lasso back to us for some revamping. We will clean your brass, replace your rope and ship the new looking Lasso back to you.

When you order a Lasso you become part of a growing family and Lasso was founded with family values at its core. These values have paved our path in defining a lifestyle; a lifestyle where a dog is not just a dog, he is a family member. Because of this, our main goal is to make you feel appreciated & well taken care of. We have, accordingly, decided to make a lifetime commitment to every one of you; offer the best rope products and customer service in the market. We are truly resolved to keeping our growing Family satisfied.

George R.R. Martin said it best: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”. Whether it be a direwolf, puppy or dog, every new member of our Lasso Family truly becomes one with the pack. We will strive to take care of their accessories during their different life stages to always ensure they look at their best. Leaving our members behind is wrong and we trust that every Lasso owner feels the same way. Thus, we have created Lasso for a Lifetime so that you can always proudly exhibit your values

Program Policies

A Lasso for Lifetime is available for anyone who owns a Lasso and it applies to every product (in addition to the regular Warranty). All owners of Lasso merchandise are eligible for our Lifetime repair plan, regardless of how their product was acquired. The price we charge is per each item you wish to revamp and our sole requirement is for the item to be shipped back to us with all the brass fittings. The condition of the rope of the product does not matter, even if the rope is broken or torn you are still eligible for a new rope change. 

Our commitment to you:

Please let us know in the notes section upon check out if you wish to change the original combination.

Repair time of the product will vary depending on your shipping method of preference. With USPS First Class we ask for 1-2 weeks of repair time depending on order volume at the time. With USPS Priority Mail we ask for 1 week of repair time and with USPS Express Mail we ask for 3 days of repair time. We will ship your product back on regular mail packaging as a repaired item. 

Please ship item to the following address:

145 Benítez Castaño  
San Juan, PR 00911

*Shipping is not included in the Lasso for Lifetime.