Who is a Lasso Dog

Lasso has been founded with family values at its core and it is these values that have paved our path in defining a lifestyle, a lifestyle where a dog is not just a dog, it is a family member.

At Lasso we believe in treating our dogs to the best there is because a Lasso dog isn’t simply a dog or pet. No, a Lasso a dog is a family member; like a bearded uncle who speaks a foreign tongue or a furry sibling who always wants to play.

A Lasso dog is a 4 legged, furry life partner with whom you share a bond, a soulful connection and a love that breaks barriers. You can see in their eyes and feel in their hearts true loyalty and companionship; a commitment to be at your side no matter what. 

A Lasso dog is someone you enjoy taking care of and cooking meals for. Whether he/she be a swimmer, a sprinter or a professional-napper, a Lasso dog loves to partake in your outdoor adventures. He/she goes where the family goes and is forever at your side.

A Lasso dog is the first face you see in the morning & the last face you see at night and the one that gets the most excited when you get home.

Are you a Lasso dog?