My Choice

My Choice

A story of choosing the right partner. Here's Eva's experience and journey that brought her to Cooper together.

Breeding and selecting pure bred is not only a incredibly responsible decision, but breeding at it's heart is devoted to improving the breed and generally creating a better dog and quality four legged family member.  Adding Cooper to our family was not the experience we continue to hear in the "adopt don't shop" argument, but an incredible journey filled with questions, research, approval, and lifelong commitment to maintain a standard.

The Dogo Argentino also known as the Argentinian Mastiff is described by the AKC as "CHEERFUL, HUMBLE, FRIENDLY",  not immediately describing it's impressive physical stature. I could not have picked three more descriptive terms for Cooper.  All too often breed enthusiasts get lost in the hunter and athlete aspects of this breed, but ultimately it is all about their demeanor.  We've seen many posts comparing adopted possibly pure bred or mixed breed dogs to Cooper.  Although one or two physical similarities may be there, some of the most important aspects of choosing and supporting a pure bred, for instance demeanor could not be more different. This is why you find a good breeder and hope they accept and agree with your request to include them in your family.

Good breeders avoid the so called "kennel blindness".  They take a step back evaluate good and bad aspects of their dog before making the decision to breed and embrace the dog's flaws leading them to look for a mate that will eliminate or balance them out.   Most of all the good breeder makes sure that their puppies go to the right homes, they do not merely sell for profit as the "shop" would suggest.  This means they screen, evaluate, and match each person or family interested with the right puppy.

Finally, responsibility doesn't end when the puppy leaves with their new family.  The good breeder remains in touch and makes sure new families know they are always available at any point in the dogs life, prepared for the good news like birthdays or future litters or prepared for the bad like a family splitting up leaving a dog homeless or when hereditary issues present themselves.  The ultimate test is that the breeder keeps in constant engagement with the family and advises or offers physical support should that bad news arise.

This is the experience we had and continue to have with Cooper and the Micantes Dei Dogo Argentino bloodline he so accurate represents.

That's why we "shopped" and didn't adopt.


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Ambassador: Rylee & Lenox

Ambassador: Rylee & Lenox

Rylee & Lenox, a pitbull terrier mix and a rottweiler/labrador mix, are the perfect duo. These ambassadors love the outdoors and can be seen in many trails of SoCal. They have us hooked with their gorgeous looks and incredible adventures seen on their account @rylee_lenox. Here are a few things to know about them. 

Hi Hannah! So where does your story with Rylee & Lenox begin?

I am currently a college student majoring in photography and I have had a love for dogs all my life, and photographing them is what started my interest in photography. I got Lenox long before Rylee back when I lived in Arizona. My mom was actually at Target when she saw a lady with a basket full of puppies she was giving away. They were only a few weeks old and Lenox and 3 other puppies were the only ones left. Lenox was the only one who had a cropped tail on account of being stepped on by horse on accident which is why his nub is a bit longer than the traditional Rottweiler tail. She also said that he was an ugly puppy and they were going to take him to the pound if no one took him, so we took him, plus my mom thought he was the best looking and he has turned out to be a handsome dog. The moment she brought Lenox home he was attached to me and he is one of my partners in crime (Rylee is the other). Rylee was quite a different story. After having lost my first dog of 10 years I wanted to get another dog not only for me but for Lenox as well. I knew I wanted to rescue one but it took me over a year to finally decide to start looking. I went to the local shelter and Rylee was the first and only dog that caught my eye. She was a very happy, spunky 2 month old puppy when I saw her, and while playing with her the shelter staff told me her story. She was just barley a month when she was brought to the shelter after being thrown out of a moving car. A good samaritan saw the incident and brought her to the shelter. Despite this Rylee was and is great with dogs, and loves people, and is a happy go lucky girl and I knew I couldn't leave her there.

pitbull & rottweiler siblings

My two accomplices...

Well, having one dog is entertaining in its self but having 2 is even better. Lenox is a Rottweiler, Labrador mix, he will be turning 8 this year already but according to everyone who meets him, even the vet, say he acts like a 3 year old (he has lots of energy). Lenox although acts young has a very wise and gentle soul. He loves kids and is extremely patient with them. Lenox is also obsessed with water, he enjoys playing at the beach, playing frisbee, swimming, dock diving, rolling in the sand, and his new favorite obsession is hoping on the paddle board with me and enjoying the ride. Lenox knowns lots of tricks. He knows German commands and has K9 training (although I have never had to use it). One of my favorite tricks he does is "give me kiss" which is where he jumps on my shoulders and kisses me (he is 85 pounds and just about matches my height on his hind legs and I'm 5'10"!) Lenox is off leashed trained but doesn't like to stray more than 10-15 feet from me. He loves any toy that squeaks and tug toys.

Now for Rylee. Rylee is a 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier (she might have some hound in her). I like to call Rylee my smiley girl and also my bomb proof dog. She is extremely dog friendly and gets along with all dogs no matter the size or personality. She has lots on energy so one of her favorite things to do is hike with me. She also loves going to the river, dog beach, going on big 13-20 pack hiking with her dog buddies, anything outside she's game for it. Rylee is also trained in agility, dock diving (although it's not her favorite) and knows all her commands in German and English. She is absolutely obsessed with squeaky toys which is what I use to train and motivate her. Rylee knows lots of tricks just like Lenox but my favorite with her is she is trained to mimic mouth moments. She has also recently been fully off leashed trained, although she still needs some practice but I always use Lenox to help with that. I have been thankful that both dogs are so friendly and so they get along perfectly. In the 3 years of owning Rylee her and Lenox have never fought, been food or toy aggressive, nothing. Both are very patient and tolerant dogs so they are a perfect match. 

They light up my life...

One of the biggest lessons they have taught me is to be patient and love more, and to be open to accepting or more so willing to learn about others. The biggest reward in having them is the joy they bring me each day, even after they get punished they still run up to me with tails wagging and tongues flying (both are big kissers). They both have helped me through some very rough times and they motivate me to be a better person everyday.  

They say laughter is the best medicine...

It is very hard to pick a funny story that I have had with them due to the fact that there are so many! One thing that stands out for Lenox at least is that he is scared of his own farts! Every time he farts he looks back, farts, stands up and runs away! Rylee is definitely the clown of the house, so she is constantly making us laugh, but one of the funnier moment was the first time she saw, smell, and tasted a lemon. She continuously barked, growled and rolled on the ground playing with it until she finally took a bite and made the funniest face, a true face of a kid tasting something sour for the first time. 
ryle & lenox lasso ambassadors

My Lasso accessories...

There are a few Lasso accessories we love so it's hard to pick! But if I have to choose one, or two, I would say we love the Skipper collar and the Rig collar. We have a few of each!

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Ambassador: Porter & Magnolia

Ambassador: Porter & Magnolia

Porter & Magnolia are two beautiful siblings from Portland, Oregon and our first Catahoula Leopard & Aussie representatives. They have grown with our brand and we want you to get to know them better.

So tell us about the girl behind these two beautiful faces. 

My name is Jordan; I'm 21 years old and living in Portland, Oregon. I had always wanted a dog growing up but my dad was severely allergic, so I would spend a lot of time with family and friend's dogs. When I moved out I decided to finally get one of my own. I always had a love for Australian Shepherds as I used to spend a lot of time with my friend’s standard Aussie for 5+ years. I knew they were loyal, loving, and extremely intelligent. I researched the breed for a few months before finally deciding to plunge in, and Porter caught my attention immediately. I didn't meet him in person until I had already placed a deposit and was on my way to take him home, but he stole my heart with his blue eyes and sweet nature. We waited a full year before thinking about adding another dog, both for Porter and for us. I stumbled upon an ad one day saying "Catahoula puppies, ready first week of July" I contacted the woman, we set a date to meet, and I convinced my boyfriend to make the drive to "just look" at this litter of three-week-old Catahoula Leopard Dog puppies. We fell in love with the runt of the litter, eyes barely open, she was the calmest and sweetest in the bunch. We went in to "just look", and left with a deposit and a name picked out: Magnolia. They are a handful at times but they are also the biggest reward for all the hard work we put into them.

How would you describe Porter and Magnolia?

Porter and Maggie are complete opposites. Porter is a little timid, doesn't like to step in wet grass (living in Oregon, this is a problem during potty time!) he's extremely submissive, and is always aiming to please me, even as a puppy. Maggie is more outgoing, does everything head-on and is very strong willed and independent. Porter loves to be petted and snuggled, but he prefers to sleep alone. Maggie will sleep anywhere, but her favorite place to sleep is mom or dad's lap, she is the definition of a cuddle bug! 

porter & magnolia

Dogs always teach us something... What have they taught you? 

They have taught me to expect the unexpected, work hard for what you want, and always see the positive in life. My dogs have taught me how to embrace life with passion and to always forgive quickly. The biggest reward in having Porter and Maggie is watching them learn every day, and seeing how much they love to please me. 

Any funny stories with Porter & Magnolia?

One of the first days we had Porter, he was about 9 weeks old, and I decided to take him on a very small walk around the neighborhood. As I was coming around the corner, my next-door neighbor's dog came happily running and wagging her tail over to Porter. She got about a foot away from him and he ran with every muscle he had in the opposite direction, yelping like he had broken a bone the whole way. I ran him back to the house and let him calm down before I had them reintroduced so he wouldn't be traumatized. They became good friends that day and we always laugh about it. 

Finally, which are your favorite Lassos?

The Cruiser Leash; we use it almost every day, on all of our walks! It's great quality and we love that the intertwined part is thick for a comfortable grip when we need to hold them a little closer.

Catahoula leopard and australian aussie

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