Until there was him :)

Until there was him :)

A life before a dog is never the same after they enter and become part our lives. A home is never empty, you are never alone and no matter how many socks or shoes they chew you are happy because their love is true and unconditional.

Here is Oliver & Alicia's story:

I never knew how much I truly needed a dog in my life until Oli's first day home with us. My husband grew up with dogs, but Oli is my first. With a lot of research, we knew that an Aussie would be perfect for us. He has brought so much light and joy into our lives, that I don't know how I lasted so long without him! Having an adventure buddy to explore the PNW with, cuddle with on lazy days at home and simply have as a member of our family has filled a void I didn't know that I had. Oli's smiling face and pure excitement every day that we come home from work always magically melts away any woes and stress I may have. We truly won the puppy lottery with this guy!



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