Ambassador: Puka

Ambassador: Puka

From the very first moment we saw Puka on IG we knew she had to be a Lasso Dog. She has been a very big part of our company since the beginning of our story and we are incredibly grateful to have come across her & her human. Here is a short interview for you to get to know Puka. 

When did your story with Puka begin?

I adopted Puka from my friend Roxy after she rescued Puka from the streets of Los Angeles. Roxy spotted Puka sitting on a bus stop bench. She was tiny and was wearing a cute little bow tie. As soon as she brought her home Roxy called me to come meet the puppy. The first time I met Puka, she was asleep on Roxy’s patio basking in the sun. She was so small and innocent, and she looked so happy to be in a safe environment. I needed a companion and she needed a home, and deep down I knew we were meant to be together. I took Puka home and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  That was in 2011. 

Tell us more about your partner in crime.

Puka’s most noticeable trait his her cleft lip. She was born with it. It’s very endearing and no matter what day of the week it is, she is always smiling. When I look at her after a long day of work, and I see the sun beaming off her glorious snaggle tooth, I am filled with happiness. Puka can make me smile even on my worst days. She LOVES to play fetch and snack on vegetables. She is very playful, silly, adventurous, attentive, and so loving. We spend every day together, sipping on lattes, snuggling on the couch, planning our next road trip. Puka is my favorite adventure buddy. We love exploring new places and open spaces. Together we’ve stood on the Four Corners, tanned on the beaches of Hawaii, toured tobacco farms in Kentucky, run through corn fields in the Kansas, watched the sunset in New Mexico, gone 4-wheeling in Arizona, devoured Orange Creamsicles in Tennessee… Ok, I won’t mention every trip we’ve been on… I’ll just say wherever I am, you’ll most likely see Puka right by my side.

puka is my homie

Puka is a superstar on IG! How did it happen?

When I started my Instagram account @chilberg in 2013, I had no idea it would be all about Puka and her life.  I would post random pictures here and there but I noticed every time I posted Puka’s smiling face, my account would get a lot of positive comments and attention.  One day my friend Tom commented on one of Puka’s photos, “Puka is my homie.” That’s when I knew that Puka and her pictures had a positive affect on people, and I wanted to continue in that direction. The hashtag #PukaIsMyHomie came from that interaction and my Instagram account evolved into a mobile source for instant smiles, laughter, happiness, a whole lot of drool, and ultimately a place where Puka and I have made a lot of great connections with amazing folks from all over the world.  Puka also has a website, giving humans the opportunity to order some Puka swag in support of No-Kill Los Angeles, a movement to make L.A. a no-kill city by 2017.

Anything hilarious she does?

Even if you’re out of town, Puka is really good at staying in touch. My boyfriend, Puka’s other human, Davis, travels a lot for work. Whenever he leaves, I make sure he still gets his daily Puka fix by calling him using FaceTime. Puka will stare at the screen, head-tilted and confused, not totally sure how she can see and hear Davis.  After a loud cry and a couple jabs with her paw at the phone, Puka will do everything in her power to save Davis from the mobile device. She will frantically begin searching behind the phone, as if Davis will be there and she will be able to pull him out. It’s always a good laugh and a nice reminder that Puka really loves us and would do anything to be by our side.

Which is your favorite Lasso accessory?

I am such a big fan of Lasso Dogs that I have one of every accessory for Puka.  One of the first collars I ordered for Puka was a pink Jib collar, and to this day it is my favorite.  The thing I love most about Lasso Dog products is that they are all handcrafted, and I know that takes time and a lot of love. Mari and Manuel use the finest rope materials to create a unique product made special for your dog. Puka has worn her pink Jib collar all over in the country, swimming in the sea, running through grassy fields, rolling in the mud, but no matter what the conditions, Puka’s Jib collar has maintained its color and shape. Lasso Dog accessories are high quality, durable, unique, beautiful, and I think Puka looks super adorable when she’s wearing one.

puka is awesome

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