Ambassador: Porter & Magnolia

Ambassador: Porter & Magnolia

Porter & Magnolia are two beautiful siblings from Portland, Oregon and our first Catahoula Leopard & Aussie representatives. They have grown with our brand and we want you to get to know them better.

So tell us about the girl behind these two beautiful faces. 

My name is Jordan; I'm 21 years old and living in Portland, Oregon. I had always wanted a dog growing up but my dad was severely allergic, so I would spend a lot of time with family and friend's dogs. When I moved out I decided to finally get one of my own. I always had a love for Australian Shepherds as I used to spend a lot of time with my friend’s standard Aussie for 5+ years. I knew they were loyal, loving, and extremely intelligent. I researched the breed for a few months before finally deciding to plunge in, and Porter caught my attention immediately. I didn't meet him in person until I had already placed a deposit and was on my way to take him home, but he stole my heart with his blue eyes and sweet nature. We waited a full year before thinking about adding another dog, both for Porter and for us. I stumbled upon an ad one day saying "Catahoula puppies, ready first week of July" I contacted the woman, we set a date to meet, and I convinced my boyfriend to make the drive to "just look" at this litter of three-week-old Catahoula Leopard Dog puppies. We fell in love with the runt of the litter, eyes barely open, she was the calmest and sweetest in the bunch. We went in to "just look", and left with a deposit and a name picked out: Magnolia. They are a handful at times but they are also the biggest reward for all the hard work we put into them.

How would you describe Porter and Magnolia?

Porter and Maggie are complete opposites. Porter is a little timid, doesn't like to step in wet grass (living in Oregon, this is a problem during potty time!) he's extremely submissive, and is always aiming to please me, even as a puppy. Maggie is more outgoing, does everything head-on and is very strong willed and independent. Porter loves to be petted and snuggled, but he prefers to sleep alone. Maggie will sleep anywhere, but her favorite place to sleep is mom or dad's lap, she is the definition of a cuddle bug! 

porter & magnolia

Dogs always teach us something... What have they taught you? 

They have taught me to expect the unexpected, work hard for what you want, and always see the positive in life. My dogs have taught me how to embrace life with passion and to always forgive quickly. The biggest reward in having Porter and Maggie is watching them learn every day, and seeing how much they love to please me. 

Any funny stories with Porter & Magnolia?

One of the first days we had Porter, he was about 9 weeks old, and I decided to take him on a very small walk around the neighborhood. As I was coming around the corner, my next-door neighbor's dog came happily running and wagging her tail over to Porter. She got about a foot away from him and he ran with every muscle he had in the opposite direction, yelping like he had broken a bone the whole way. I ran him back to the house and let him calm down before I had them reintroduced so he wouldn't be traumatized. They became good friends that day and we always laugh about it. 

Finally, which are your favorite Lassos?

The Cruiser Leash; we use it almost every day, on all of our walks! It's great quality and we love that the intertwined part is thick for a comfortable grip when we need to hold them a little closer.

Catahoula leopard and australian aussie

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