Ambassador: Onyx & Reena

Ambassador: Onyx & Reena

Onyx & Reena are two beautiful boxers from Canada. They have been Lasso Ambassadors since the very beginning of the journey and own the most vibrant collection of Lassos we have seen. Here are a few questions with their owner Erin so that you can get to know them a little better.

For those that don't know Onyx & Reena...

My name is Erin and Onyx and Reena belong to myself and their daddy Gordon. I found Reena after I lost my first dog, a beagle, to a car. I swore to get a pup that would not run away, researched boxers and it seemed like a great fit for how active I am as well. She was all legs when I got her, and cute as can be! Onyx came in as a playmate for lonely Reena after I moved in with Gord. They have been attached since!

Tell us a bit about them.

Reena is the crazier of the two and is quite vocal, while Onyx is actually quite calm and chill. I find they balance each other well! Onyx is a bit obsessed with fruit, while Reena is my picky eater. Onyx is super quick to catch on to tricks and loves to learn, she knows them all. While bean would rather do it on her time. 

onyx & reena

What have been some challenges and rewards?

The biggest challenge I have had is likely to be Reena's dog reactivity, which can be so frustrating. She was in a bad dog situation when young and since then has never trusted strange dogs. Brought in as puppies they are great fun for her though! I just have to be careful walking her as she can get out of every piece of equipment designed. Biggest reward is just how much work you put into them and seeing the outcome. It's seeing the trust that comes from that work  

Do you have any random, funny story?

Because they are so different yet similar, there are too many funny stories to even think, but let me tell you this one story. One time my grandmother was puppy sitting for me, and she couldn't find miss O for the life of her! Calling and everything, but finally Reena sits down in front of a chair as if to say look here dummy. Little Onyx was just curled up on the chair, hardly seen. It's been her "cheat" spot ever since, as furniture is off limits there.  

onyx and reena boxers 

Which are you're favorite Lassos?

I love all of my lasso pieces, the stunning colors and durability, but I just could not live without my 4 ft. Cruiser Leash. So soft in my hands I can't imagine not having them. Collars are a close second!  

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