My Choice

My Choice

A story of choosing the right partner. Here's Eva's experience and journey that brought her to Cooper together.

Breeding and selecting pure bred is not only a incredibly responsible decision, but breeding at it's heart is devoted to improving the breed and generally creating a better dog and quality four legged family member.  Adding Cooper to our family was not the experience we continue to hear in the "adopt don't shop" argument, but an incredible journey filled with questions, research, approval, and lifelong commitment to maintain a standard.

The Dogo Argentino also known as the Argentinian Mastiff is described by the AKC as "CHEERFUL, HUMBLE, FRIENDLY",  not immediately describing it's impressive physical stature. I could not have picked three more descriptive terms for Cooper.  All too often breed enthusiasts get lost in the hunter and athlete aspects of this breed, but ultimately it is all about their demeanor.  We've seen many posts comparing adopted possibly pure bred or mixed breed dogs to Cooper.  Although one or two physical similarities may be there, some of the most important aspects of choosing and supporting a pure bred, for instance demeanor could not be more different. This is why you find a good breeder and hope they accept and agree with your request to include them in your family.

Good breeders avoid the so called "kennel blindness".  They take a step back evaluate good and bad aspects of their dog before making the decision to breed and embrace the dog's flaws leading them to look for a mate that will eliminate or balance them out.   Most of all the good breeder makes sure that their puppies go to the right homes, they do not merely sell for profit as the "shop" would suggest.  This means they screen, evaluate, and match each person or family interested with the right puppy.

Finally, responsibility doesn't end when the puppy leaves with their new family.  The good breeder remains in touch and makes sure new families know they are always available at any point in the dogs life, prepared for the good news like birthdays or future litters or prepared for the bad like a family splitting up leaving a dog homeless or when hereditary issues present themselves.  The ultimate test is that the breeder keeps in constant engagement with the family and advises or offers physical support should that bad news arise.

This is the experience we had and continue to have with Cooper and the Micantes Dei Dogo Argentino bloodline he so accurate represents.

That's why we "shopped" and didn't adopt.


To see more of Eva and Cooper follow them on Instagram: @evas_dogo_cooper


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