Ambassador: Lily & Maceo

Ambassador: Lily & Maceo


All the way from Hawaii, Maceo & Lily have a story that will make you love them so much more. Our friendship with these two and their human started back in 2014 when we were searching for our first Ambassadors and came across their IG account. Instantly we forged a friendship and found Dominique (Lily & Maceo's human) to be one of the sweetest, kindhearted people we have met through social media. And so with that said, we asked her a few questions about her journey with her pups.

How did you meet Lily?

Aloha! Since as far back as I can remember, my childhood dream has been to have a dog by my side and navigate life with the security and loyalty of an off leash companion. This is the story of how a little boxer forever changed my heart and how in being her voice, she helped me find a voice of my own. Although grown and with kids of my own now, dogs have always remained a central part of who I am and as the years passed and Dexter got older, we thought it was time to introduce a more active family dog.  My husband has always been a fan of boxers and so we waited for some to become available and within 6 months we welcomed Lily into our hearts and home. From the day we brought Lily home she kept me on my toes with her boxer shenanigans. I was soon to find out that we didn't just welcome another dog into our lives, but an adventure with four legs and a nubby tail that was about to forever change my life. Lily was not satisfied unless she was jumping, digging, or boxing herself into trouble and because of her unpredictable and wild adventures soon found herself literally tied to my hip; literally becoming an extension of myself.  

When did you decide to share Lily's adventures on @aloha.domino?

About a year after Lily joined us, our family decided to embark on another adventure and moved to a Palm Farm where we would learn to live simply, off grid, with just the very minimum and without the luxuries that we once thought were necessities.  The first six months of off grid life challenged me in every way.  Living among the elements was getting the best of me as bugs, weather, and landscapes were constantly encroaching on my comfort zones. It was during these times that I found comfort and laughter in this crazy and carefree boxer. Even on my worst days where I felt like raising the white flag on this lifestyle, seeing her frolic among her acreage, happy and ears flying made me determined to continue to see the positivity in what sometimes felt like failure. It was then that I decided to pick up my camera and share with the world the smiles Lily shared with me.  I began to use taking photos of Lily as an outlet and found much reprieve in sharing positive messages with others as it made me determined to embrace every challenge and convert them into life lessons.   

lily from aloha.domino

Tell us everything about Lily! How has she inspired you and others?

Lily captured the attention of many fellow dog and boxer lovers and for two years I shared the ups, downs, joys, and difficulties of our journey together.  As Lily transitioned from puppy to adolescent to adult, it was this community that became my biggest supporters and cheered me on as I struggled with Lily's boundary jumping, dog aggression, and health issues.  Although I was Lily’s main caretaker, I never felt alone as I had help at my fingertips no matter what challenge she presented me with. Besides keeping me laughing and on my toes, Lily inspired me in countless ways. She inspired my photography, my interest in holistic health for the four legged, my determination to find positive solutions for difficult k9 behaviors, and inspired me to embrace and accept my unbalanced love of dogs and everything they stand for.  Before Lily I loved dogs but after Lily, I truly cherish them. If it were not for Lily, I would not have come in contact with so many amazing people that have forever influenced and altered my future course. Many of which I have not had the opportunity to meet in person, but their presence in my day is still very much felt and appreciated.  Fellow photographers, artists, dog lovers, creative thinkers, we were all brought together through boxer love.  Among the first lifelong friendships forged through Lily was with Lasso Dogs. This product and its creators represented everything I wanted Lily to project: inspired and unique creativity.   Lily and Lasso will forever be a highlight of the things we’ve shared together. I am honored to be a Lasso Ambassador from the beginning and will be a loyal supporter as long as they continue to create wearable art. 

What was your experience transitioning from Lily to Maceo?

Of all the things Lily taught me, led me to, or brought to me, was the fulfillment of a childhood dream.  Because of Lily and my determination to help her thrive, I adopted Maceo, a mellow, people and dog friendly lab mix. Maceo is the living manifestation of everything I ever wanted in a dog. The dog that can accompany me anywhere and reflects my respectful energy towards all living things. Maceo was rescued in an attempt to save Lily, but he ended up rescuing me from overwhelming sadness when I was forced to accept that I was no longer enough for Lily and she needed a home environment that could help her work through her dog aggression.  I cant say I “rehomed” her because the past couple of months has shown that she's finally made her way home to where she was always meant to be.  She is thriving and I get to see her often.  I couldn't be happier to see her doing so well and receiving so much love and training.  

maceo labrador, bordercollie mix

As a Lasso family member, which is your favorite product?

I don’t know why some people think that you cant choose your family, I do it all the time, and I am so honored to be a part of the Lasso Family.  Ever since Lily received her first “Jib” collar, she hasn't worn any other product while with me.  My favorite Lasso product to date is the “Slip Lead” for all those times Lily was literally tied to my hip.  I also think that the “Traffic Leash” is a must have for all those with kids, its just their size and makes it so easy for them to walk kids best friend. I keep a Lasso in my car at all times even for when I borrow my friends dogs- I refuse to use anything else. Thank you Lasso for all of your love, kindness, and support you've shown Lily and I through the years. Your products are amazing and I love that it all started with family.  You allow your customers to be a part of the design process and each product reflects a little bit of us and a little bit of you. Its all intertwined in a unique design that reflects a person and their dog. Many “Mahalos” for what you do.

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