Ambassador: Cora

Ambassador: Cora

This beautiful boxer here is Cora, and she is friends with fellow Canadians and Lasso ambassadors, Onyx & Reena. She, as well, possesses one of the most colorful collections of Lasso leashes and collars and is one of the first ambassadors to join the team. We asked Cora's human Quinn to tell us a bit about them. 

How did your story with Cora begin?

My name is Quinn. I am 23 years old. Cora and I live in southern New York. I work as a nanny and Cora comes to work with me. I was a senior in college when I started really becoming restless about not having a dog. I grew up having dogs and the worst part about going away to college was not having a dog around. Senior year, I moved off campus and started looking around for a dog. I knew I wanted a boxer as my mom had them growing up and raved about them. I started chatting with a breeder who just had a litter. I went to see them when they were around 5 weeks old. At first, I had my eye on another puppy, but Cora's little pink nosey, her brown spots and spunky attitude won me over. I picked her up and she snuggled right into me and went to sleep. She came home at 8 weeks and we've been inseparable since.

Cora's Lasso collection

Boxers are always a joy! How is Cora unique?

Cora is a total goofball. She is, for the most part, very well behaved. She sometimes gets a little TOO excited when meeting new people. Cora is a licker. She will lick a person till they are sopping wet.  She is absolutely amazing around kids and is incredibly patient with them. She's obsessed with balloons, bubbles, squirrels and frisbees. When she gets a new rubber toy, she whines and only bites it with the tip of her teeth.  Cora likes to burrow and sleeps under the covers at night or in her CoraCave during the day. She loves cheese but isn't a big fan of fruits and vegetables. 

How has Cora changed you? 

Cora has taught me responsibility and to be more laid back. Everything is going to go the way I plan and that's ok! My biggest reward in having her is a wiggly butt and a tongue bath every time I come home ( those times I do leave her). To have my heart burst with pride when someone compliments how good she is with kids. And just a wonderful dog who has become my little girl and who I'm proud to be a mom to.

Tell us a story of when she is being goofy.

One day at work, Cora spotted a squirrel out the window. She whines and carries on when she sees one. This particular squirrel was taunting her. Cora was going to try her hardest to get at the squirrel. Next thing I know, she's on her hind legs crawling up the window trying to get outside.  

Which Lasso would you go for immediately?

It is really hard for me to pick just one Lasso accessory. But, since they are twisting my arm... I would have to choose the Lasso Traffic Leash. We live close to the city and the leash is so convenient. It keeps Cora nice and close to me on the busy sidewalks. And because it's short, you aren't fumbling with excess leash. 

cora the boxer with lasso

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