A Spark of hope

A Spark of hope

When you adopt an older dog, or even a young one in a shelter its very likely that you won’t know what life they had before you. You can make some guesses and if you ask at the pound, at least here in Puerto Rico, the most you are likely to get is where the person that brought him found him. The thing is, some of these stories are so horrific that you could hardly believe them to be true. As is the case with Sparky.

The happy, beautiful pup in this drawing he hasn't always been this happy. About 2 years ago, on May 2015, he used to live in a town of the rural part of Puerto Rico called San Lorenzo. He lived in the projects, didn't have a home or anyone to take care of him. One day he was walking through where he used to live and a 37 year old woman decided to attack him with a white weapon (she used a knife to stab him in the neck to cause harm to him). Does anyone know why someone would do such a horrible thing? No, no one does. The attack was recorded and became viral. Luckly, he was found and rescued by an organization of investigators against animal cruelty (OICA), and he's also very thankful for all the vets and trainer that took very good care of him.

Now let's get to the good part, 3 months later, local broadcast news aired his recovery story. He was being put up for adoption and a lot of people wanted to adopt him, but only Amber Lee Vélez was the one that destiny wanted for Sparky. At the time, Amber was the spokes person for the Department of Justice, and what's interesting is that she was never that much of a pet lover but she instantly fell in love with this pitbull mixed dog... so much that Amber has changed her profession from communications and journalism to become a seamstress and designer of dog bandannas. Sparky lives the happiest life with his family Amber, Kristen and Luis. He really loves going to the beach and catching coconuts in the water, going on long walks and sneaking into everyone's room and sleeping in their bed. Needless to say, Sparky is unconditionally loved and the best thing that has happened to his family.

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May 19, 2017

I’m very proud of Sparky and his family. I am his grandmother.

Marta Valdés

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